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She could have reached out and touched it as it made its way past. She barely got her camera ready as it passed within inches of her and swam directly underneath. She turned to look behind and was shocked to see the open mouth of this large, pregnant female, almost upon her. Although tempting, touching a whale shark is never allowed in most parts of the world. Whale sharks are also known for occasional curiosity and it is very likely that this one was intentionally swimming close to Kristy to have a look at the unusual creature in its path. They are as gentle and harmless as any other creature. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding these sharks and scientists admit that they don't understand them well.

The open mouth is an indication that the shark is feeding on plankton or krill. Their beautiful markings and graceful movements make them a wonder to see and a delight to photograph or video record. She had no idea that she was being followed by a massive shark that was heading right at her. It is best to make every effort to not affect the whale sharks in any way as they feed. Whale sharks are among the most majestic and beautiful creatures in any of the world's oceans. Escortes en France » Escort Girls Palaiseau, toute.

It's also possible that it was just unconcerned and knew that it had no reason to fear a diver. They can reach an incredible length of 55 feet (18m) and weigh an estimated 100,000 pounds (45,000kg). Moving slightly, she was able to avoid physical contact with the shark. These beautiful creatures inhabit most of the world 's tropical waters and they have been known to travel all around the world to reach feeding or breeding grounds. Yet, they are elusive and hard to find at times.

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Swimming through the open ocean near Darwin Island, Kristy had her underwater camera with her. But either way, Kristy was treated to the experience of a lifetime as this behemoth passed by her like a submarine. Kristy has been scuba diving for decades and she has traveled to the Galapagos Islands for an adventure and a chance to swim with the whale sharks that come here from all around the planet. Massive whale shark swims directly under surprised scuba diver. She actually drifted right over its back and almost collided with the dorsal fin and tail. They have large combs instead of teeth and they pose no threat to divers, despite their enormous size. Ethical divers do not disturb wildlife when it can be avoided. Three major ocean currents converge at Darwin Island, and the plankton and krill are brought to the surface in abundance, attracting many small fish and larger creatures such as whale sharks and hammerheads. It is a world like no other and the area is considered one of the most spectacular dive locations known to man.

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